Friday, October 15, 2004


A letter to Microsoft

I have been an avid windows user since 1991, back when 3.0a came out. I have always defended Microsoft in the face of other techies that over the years choose to berate the software. I, in addition to the world wide collective of IT professionals I am sure, felt that Bill Gates comment on 10/12 of this year in USA Today regarding the security issues of IE to be demoralizing and inflammatory. Perhaps if one could learn to write software more efficiently you may not have as many holes and security issues as you currently experience. Who would ever imagine that anything that is a part of a program that has in the neighborhood of 40 million source lines of code as XP does may have a few errors. No one expects perfection, but at least do not attempt to place blame on the end user.

The Interview spoken of at USA Today

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